Today on the blog, we’re welcoming Annie from Most Lovely Things and we couldn’t be more excited to have her. October may have just begun, but we couldn’t wait to start pulling out our Halloween décor, fall recipes and more! Annie is helping us get our homes (and ourselves)  into the festive Halloween spirit. Get ready for some seriously sweet inspiration.


Halloween in our New England town is pretty big deal and who doesn’t love to get into the Halloween spirit?  As a resident of our town on an “in-town” street I feel obligated (in a good way) to stay home and graciously open the door to little ones (and some not so little) dressed in costumes and excited to be walking through the streets and ringing doorbells. Tinyprints has made Halloween way more special with their beautiful custom stickers. I buy little treat bags and toss in a few pieces of candy and seal it with a sticker. We’ve met so many of our neighbors with this small gesture.


We always hope for a beautiful fall evening where we can invite friends over for cider and a cup of homemade pumpkin soup on the porch. This year we have tinyprints custom napkins! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween get-together or going to someone’s house, these napkins are perfect!



Homemade pumpkin soup is great because you can make it a few days ahead and just heat it up, as you are getting ready for Halloween. You can find the recipe here.

64A fun and easy craft is a Halloween doorstop. Perfect for Halloween night and all you need is a rock and a few small bottles of paint from the craft store. I made one in a smaller size to hold down the napkins on the front porch. After I painted each of the colors of candy corn I sprayed the rocks with clear shellac, which gives them a nice glossy finish. My kids never liked crafts, but I think something like this– they may have even enjoyed.

All in the spirit of Halloween! Have fun!

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10 Free Christmas and Holiday CardsToday is the last day to get your 10 Free Holiday Cards! It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, whether you’re hosting a monster bash, giving thanks, or sharing your lovely family photos with friends and family, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this sale!

haunting halloween photo card with gold foil and webs

Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t forget the spooky invites for a monster bash or a fright night. black and gold foil christmas card with red envelope

Use family pictures from summer vacation or a recent family photo shoot on your free Christmas cards.

christmas card ideas foil, letterpress and square


brown and gold photo thanksgiving photo cardsTiny Prints has a beautiful selection of all types of holiday cards. Take advantage today and get 10 Free Holiday cards. Don’t forget to get your 5 Free Samples!

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