Kim from NewlyWoodards is here today sharing her on-the-go office essentials when you’re out working remotely.

For seven years, I woke up every weekday and got ready for an office job. Heels, suits, the works.

When I left the corporate world last October to work from home, there were a lot of major changes that came my way. (I’m more likely to wear yoga pants over suits and heels!)

And one big change is that since I work from home, many of my meetings take place in coffee shops or restaurants. This means that I need to take my entire office with me. But that isn’t possible.

So here’s my roundup of my working on-the-go essentials. Perfect for working remotely, meeting with a client or attending a conference. This is what you will almost always find in my bag when I’m out and about.

Tiny Prints Working Essentials

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The bag … I love this classic leather tote and have carried it almost every day for 6 years. It easily holds my laptop and work essentials. And it just as easily holds my mommy essentials (diapers and wipes, anyone?). Plus, it’s the most sturdy and well-made bag I’ve owned. It just gets better with age.

The cards … I believe in the power of a real business card, which is why I love these Blog On cards. They give me the chance to share photos of projects, and I’ve received so many compliments on the unique style.

The card holder … I always keep my business cards in a brightly colored case. Why bright? Because I was once asked for my card and I had to dig through a bag rivaling Mary Poppins. I could find lip gloss, four cookies and a box of tissues. But no business cards. So now I keep them in something that’s easy to spot in my bag.

The phone and case … I’m never without my phone, and I adore this chalkboard-style case that reminds me to focus on my dreams.

The hidden charger … Because I always have my phone, I also need something to charge the (ever dwindling) battery. This lovely little bag has a hidden smartphone charger and holds two full charges. Plus it also doubles as an adorable wristlet.

The notebook … Call me old fashioned, but there is something productive about writing down ideas and tasks on paper. I go through notebooks quickly and love that this one has a bit of personalization (and a matching look to my iPhone case).

The totally portable notebook … When I was shopping for a new computer, there was no doubt that it had to be uber portable. I love that I can keep my notebook computer with me at all times. It’s handy to have in meetings, and it’s easy to bring because it’s so lightweight.

Who needs a full office when I can pack everything I need in one bag?

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Our vibrant watercolor stationery collection showcases an assortment of gorgeous color schemes that present an elegant and romantic feel to each design. Paired with the ever popular ombre trend, this collection is perfect for summer soirees. To add that extra vibrancy appeal to our watercolor designs, we’ve created a tutorial to show you how easy it is to transform a plain white envelope into a custom element that compliments the collection as a whole. The following tutorial does not require you to have a background in graphic design or be a DIY guru, simply follow the steps below and learn how to effortlessly convert traditional envelopes from dull to fab.



Supplies needed:

  • White envelopes
  • Paint brush
  • Watercolor paints
  • Card stock


Step 1:
In a small bowl, mix your desired choice of watercolor paints. We suggest selecting a group of colors in the same color palette that coordinate with your selection of invites. For this tutorial, we used the colors pink, red, white and orange. We also recommend including the color white to create the transitioning ombre effect.

Note: Be sure to insert a piece of card stock inside each envelope to prevent the watercolor paints from bleeding through.


Step 2:
Using a small paint brush, lightly paint a wide stroke on the center front of your envelope. We chose to paint the small stroke on the front specifically for the mailing address. But we highly encourage you to modify the tutorial and explore different painting designs to best enhance your invites.

Note: After all your envelopes are dry, place each envelope in between the pages of a heavy book to flatten the edges of the envelopes where it was painted.


Step 3: Use your favorite set of ink pens or practice your calligraphy skills, and embellish the envelopes with handwritten notes.

With just a few set of supplies and a little imagination, this ombre painting technique can be easily applied to other crafts and party decor details.

Watercolor invitation | Self-inking stamp

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Your summer party should be light, bright, and carefree, like the season itself. Mix and match fun colors for your decor, and keep the menu simple and refreshing.

summer party inspiration

Featured Tiny Prints invitation: Sunray Celebration

Images: Paper LanternsSlushie TubesMelon BitesFruit PunchCenterpieceVeggie Dip Cups

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