Today, we are excited to welcome back Anne from In Residence! You may remember her delightful Moving Tips post she put together last month, of course we do! Well after a big move comes decorating and Anne is back, and sharing 5 elements that she thinks make for a good playroom. We’re talking fun and functional! Let’s check out these peppy playroom ideas! 

kids playroom ideas a cream rug with a fun red design a mini table and a tee pee with custom pillows inside

My family recently moved into a new house, and one of the great perks of our new space is a dedicated playroom. My toddler has been loving all the room to drive around his cars and ride around his scooter, but I’ve been having just as much fun designing the room to make it a functional and fun place for a little guy to play.

Here are 5 elements I think make a great playroom:

  1. Plenty of storage: this is a pretty obvious place to start in a room where you’re going to have all of your toys, right? We got lucky with a great set of built-ins in this room, but I’ve also added some baskets to contain balls and other things.

kids playroom ideas little boy coloring on chalkboard table and storage built ins for toys

  1. Creativity boosters: I like to foster creative play for little ones, and there are plenty of stylish ways to do this in a playroom. My toddler’s a little young for pretend play, but eventually I’m sure will love to go pretend camping in the cute teepee. We also have a little nook filled with chalkboard paint, along with a repurposed coffee table to draw chalk roads or villages on. My little one also loves coloring, so I keep a good supply of crayons around for him, plus his very own personalized notebook from Tiny Prints that he can fill with scribbles to his heart’s content.

personalized chalkboard notebook on a chalkboard table with colored pencils

  1. Comfortable floor surfaces: there’s lots of activity happening on the floor in this room, from building lego towers to wrestling with daddy, so adding some comfortable elements there was a must. We did a big, plush rug to cover most of the hardwood floor and then added some extra softness with a faux sheepskin and some custom pillows from Tiny Prints scattered around.

red pink and cream rug with a faux white sheepskin rug and some customizable pillows under a red and white tee pee

  1. Whimsical details: another thing that I think encourages play is some whimsy – but since the room is visible from my entryway, I don’t want it to look overly like a kid zone. Playrooms can be fun without being childish by incorporating vibrant colors (go a little deeper than basic primary colors), an abstract rug pattern, and classic elements made kid-friendly, like the mini metal chairs. I also love the extra whimsy that a play-related quote on our colorful personalized pillow adds.

kids playroom ideas a cream rug with a fun red design a mini table and a tee pee with custom pillows inside

  1. Room for reading: I also like to encourage some down-time from all the play with nice spots for reading, like a big pouf. Also, occasionally my toddler will go quiet for a while and get nervous about what I’m going to find, but he’s just curled up inside the teepee with a stack of books (though most recently I found him with a pile of unrolled toilet paper).

chalkboard room with pillows for sitting and little boy coloring in his personalized notebook

Thanks so much for sharing Anne! I think we love Hendrik’s playroom just as much as he does!

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We are so thrilled to have Channa from Life as a Coaches Wife here today talking to us about the beginning of football season! She understands that as a coaches wife, she’s ready for some long days and even longer weekends of all things football. Find out what she does to kickoff the season!

Every July 1st I take an extra minute to breathe because I know what’s coming. In just two short weeks our lives will be turned upside down with the start of another season, a season that runs between three actual seasons, it comes with long days and even longer weeks, a season that for the past 10 years has slowly grown to become a favorite in our house, a season we coaches wives call Football.

It’s like no other sport played at the high school or college level. There is nothing to compare the amount of time and work that goes into it. The long hours, sometimes upwards of 20 hour days, the even longer work week, Monday-Sunday, the missed meals and activities, birthdays and holidays and anniversaries.

Every July 1st football wives start mentally preparing for what will be 5 months of solo parenting and being a football widow. But there is one thing that gets us more excited than Friday night lights, all the football parties and “family” get together. You want to know how to throw a great football party? Ask a coaches wife!

We’ve been doing them every season since our husbands started on this career path. And for the coaches wife who doesn’t have extra time to run around and find the perfect party decoration, invitations and game day necessities online sites like TinyPrints.com are a must!

Offering everything from sports party invitations to party decorations to throw blankets to keep you warm while cheering on your favorite team! And this season is no different. I found the perfect invitation because as we all know, an invitation is the kick off to any event.tiny-prints-football-party invitationsFeatured Tiny Prints football party invitation: Football Feast

Of course I didn’t stop there, I found adorable name stickers to seal our invites and the perfect thank you notes.

tiny-prints-football-thank-you-cardsFeatured Tiny Prints football stickers: Framed Football | Featured Tiny Prints football personal stationery: Flying Football

And because every good mom can foresee the future I found the PERFECT blanket to wrap up in at those chilly games!!

tiny-prints-monogram-blanketFeatured Tiny Print throw blanket: Herringbone Monogram

I think it’s safe to say with these football party accessories, our party is will a success!!

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