Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to plan out the details for your glamorous Valentine’s Day party. A Sweetheart-themed Valentine’s Day Party is the perfect idea for your gathering if you want to double up on pink and red décor. Balloons, heart-shaped centerpieces, and rich shades of red and pink are just a few components that make this V-day theme special. We’re here today with fun and chic ideas for your Sweetheart Valentine’s Day party, inspired by our colorful “Stunning Streaks” invitation.

rd and pink sweetheart Valentine's day party ideas

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Featured Tiny Prints Invitation: Stunning Streaks | Click here to browse all party invitations.

Desserts: Layered strawberry jello cups are an easy and delicious treat to serve at your soiree. This dessert is great for your party-goers who may not like chocolate candy. You can serve the jello treat in a glass cup, topped with whipped cream.

Balloons: Over-sized shiny balloons will fill your Valentine’s Day party room with spirit. You can add some height to your room by letting your balloons roam free.

Cookies: These two-tone cookies are adorable and creative. If you’re looking to do something different this year besides fully heart-shaped cookies, you can give this idea a try.

Lipstick Smear: Red and hot pink lipsticks are often associated with this annual day of love. You can creatively use lipstick smear to decorate party items such as balloons or candy jars. If you opt of lipstick smear DIY projects, you can also gift your girls with their favorite lipsticks as a party favor.

Table Décor: Styling your table is an opportunity to go all out with your color palette. You can use an array of heart-shaped centerpieces, dainty place mats, and red or pink figurines to embellish your table.

Strawberry Smoothie: This strawberry smoothie is kid-friendly or perfect for adults! The natural pink color from the strawberries is perfect for your party’s color palette. Try serving these smoothies at Valentine’s Day brunch.

Couture Gown: After you’ve finished your party planning, it’s time to get dressed. Luckily, your Valentine’s Day party invitation has done the job for you with its beautiful blend of pink and red inspiration. You can throw on a couture gown to transform into a festive party host who knows how to coordinate from top to bottom.

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Valentines Day is right around the corner and what better way is there to celebrate than with a fun and festive love-filled bash? 

Pick a dress code that sticks to light and bright hues of pink and red, add heart-shaped balloons and gold glitter and this will be a party that no one will want to miss. You can fill your party with glitz and DIY crafts, take a peek at the adorable DIY card created at this party.  We are absolutely loving the playfulness of these photos! If you are in need of a few Valentines Day party ideas then you’re definitely in the right place. Enjoy.

close up of gold love

four girls at valentines day party

group of girls and little boy with pink balloon

four big girls and two little kids posing next to pink balloons

adorable little girl running with pink balloon in hand

two girls telling secrets

girl blowing heart sticker kisses

two girls next to a wall with heart stickers having fun

girl in pink dress standing next to heart sticker wall

close up of gold necklace that spells out love

girl in red shirt sitting next to pink balloons

girl on couch at valentines day party

girl holding pink heart shaped balloon in front of her face

close up of hands holding gold glitter

red fingernails holding pink love valentines day card

four girls sitting on couch at valentines day party

From the Photographer…

This is my sister’s friends at their annual Valentine’s Day Party. They all dress up all cute & hang out doing crafts & girly things (so fun!)

Photographer: Photography by Seneca

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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