Easter is right around the corner and we know you’re going to love this fun little Easter egg DIY project we have in store today. This darling project only requires a quick trip to the craft store and about 30 minutes of time. Using our Spring Delight Easter card as inspiration, twin sisters Malissa & Machelle from A Joyful Riot show us how to create these festive striped Easter eggs.

Striped Easter Egg DIY

Multi-Colored Striped Easter Egg DIY

What You’ll Need:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Permanent markers in pink, orange, yellow, purple, turquoise and green
  • Painters or masking tape

Stripe Colored Easter Egg DIY


  1. Use tape to go around your eggs in a diagonal circle.
  2. Trace along the tape with one of your permanent markers.
  3. Remove tape and make your line thicker.
  4. Give time for each line to dry before drawing the next so you don’t smear your colors.
  5. Use the first line as a guide to make the next line the same distance from the first line as the line is wide.
  6. Look at the invitation to determine what colors should go next to each other.

Colored Easter Egg DIY

Featured Tiny Prints Easter Card: Spring Delight

Malissa and Machelle are twins that run A Joyful Riot, a DIY craft, party and home decor blog. Machelle lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and baby girl and Malissa and her husband live across the country in DC. In their spare time they collect paper straws, are constantly getting glitter all over their houses and Snapchatting constantly.

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It’s difficult to capture the various stages of childhood in a creative, memorable and unique way. Snapshots and smartphone photos are helpful at documenting the day to day, and can definitely preserve some fabulous memories. But how to achieve beautiful, quality and timeless photos of your special little ones? It’s quite the conundrum, and we’re so excited to have the talented Jessica Bender here to help!

Jessica has plenty of children’s photography advice to share along with her best tips and ideas for getting the perfect kids photo. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Jessica is a professional photographer specializing in newborn, children, and family photography.

jessica-bender-photography Source: Kim Kalyn Photography

  1. How did you get your start in the industry? – The children in my life (prior to my own kids) were my first subjects as a hobby photographer. I had good friends, who lent me their kids, and cute kids at that. It was taking photographs of these little ones that helped me to realize this was what I wanted to do. While on my second maternity leave, I decided I wasn’t going to go back to my full time job, I was going to make photography my full time job.
  2. child-photography-ideas


  3. Favorite perk of the job? – Being a goof. Kids are awesome. You can play around, laugh, make fun of their dad; it’s just the best. When I finish shoots, I often think “wow, and this is my JOB.” Once in a while you get a grumpy one, but usually I act like such a crazy, they don’t stay that way for long!!
  4. child-photography-ideas


  5. What are your favorite child photography trends right now? – My favorite trends for children’s photography right now would have to be cake smashes and themed mini sessions. I am having so much fun with styled sessions right now! I like to craft, and put together a ‘scape of any kind. It’s really cool to see how the kids react (usually my sets feature a plethora of candy/cookies/cake), it can get interesting.
  6. child-photography-ideas



  7. What location is your favorite to shoot child sessions? – My favorite location for a children’s shoot is one of our local, amazing West Coast forests! The trees act as lovely light diffusers, while allowing the kids to roam free. And kids love climbing onto logs, so it’s the perfect way to trick them into sitting still!
  8. child-photography-ideas


  9. Do you have a special trick to get the children to smile? – My special trick to make kids smile is to try really hard to build a relationship with them. I treat them with respect, I ask them what they like, and don’t like. I try to get to know them; I want them to know they can trust me. The more I see a child, the easier it is to elicit that big natural smile. I have some old pros on my roster, they see my camera, I call them the nickname I have given them, and BAM they smile. We have our own dance. I am also capable of acting as though I have no self-respect, or inhibitions. I am not above fake falls, fake farts, dancing like a goose, and making fun of myself in general, which helps.
  10. child-photography-ideas


  11. Please share in detail your favorite child shoot you did. – My favorite child shoot was in July 2014. I was at the beach, summer sun setting behind the trees lining the shore; hello backlight. The little girls who were my subjects were decked out in neutral tone, sparkly dresses, and flower crowns, their mom even put a little bit of lip gloss on them (ooooh!). It was heaven. I have worked with these two little girls for the past 5 years, (yes, before I officially started my company!). We have a good working rapport, and they are just so cooperative. Their sun kissed skin, golden halos of hair adorned with flowers, the glitter, the ocean and driftwood; it was like magic.






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Tiny Prints has a large collection of photo party invitations you can see here.

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