Throw a pretty pink party that is just as precious as your little lady. Frilly decor and sweet pink details will bring the girly theme together.

first birthday party

Featured Tiny Prints invitation: Precious One

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Alissa from 33 Shades of Green shares this beautiful beach themed summer party inspired by a Tiny Prints summer invitation!

Summertime Invitation

I’m really excited to be here today on the Tiny Prints Blog sharing a Summer Party that my family and I recently held. This was the first party at our new lake house, so I was thrilled when I discovered the ‘Swell Times’ invitation on the Tiny Prints site – it was the perfect fit for our theme!

Summertime Invites and Anchor Labels

We ordered our invites and coordinating address labels and thank you cards (I love the anchors!) and got to work planning our party.

Beach themed invites and accessories

Our invitation was the first step in coming up with a theme and color scheme for the party. My best tip for planning party decorations – pick a color, or a range of colors (in our case it was all shades of blue with a nautical theme) and go with it. Start collecting accessories, table settings, and decorations in your selected color, and everything will look well pulled together.

 Blue Straws and Napkins

Swell Times - Summer Party Invitation

Anchors and Summer Themed Party Decor

Seashells and Beach Themed Decor

We kept the flowers simple – light blue hydrangeas, and put them all around the house. The perfect summer flower to complement our nautical theme. By the way, did you know that Costco offers flowers in bulk online? I ordered our flowers there and was pleasantly surprised – they were gorgeous and a great price as well!


I used glass vases and jars filled with sand, shells, and driftwood to complement our beachy, nautical theme.

Blue Hydrangeas and Vases

Beach Themed Centerpieces

Beach Themed Party Decor

Beached Themed Vases

Hydrangeas and Seashells

Hydrangeas Close Up

Beach Themed Vases with Hydrangeas and Seashells

Seashells in Vases

Blue Hydrangeas

We decided to go with a summer picnic theme for the food. The menu: pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, potato chips, watermelon slices, potato chips, and caprese skewers.




Caprese Skewers

Food Station

Blue Napkins

Our simple dessert station:

Dessert Station

One of my favorite spots to set up – the drink station! More hydrangeas and lots of blue to fit with the theme.

Drink Station


Nautical Themed Drink Station

I added a collection of nautical themed prints in our colors to add interest to the drink station. I love how it looks and how simple it was to put together!

Beach Themed Prints and Decor

Anchor Print

Drink Station Anchors and Hydrangeas

Drink Station

I printed out names of the drinks we served on my computer and placed them in small frames. The Lake Michigan Spiked Lemonade was very popular – so popular that I never had a chance to photograph it!

Labels for Drink Station

 Straws and Stirrers

We had a wonderful party! Keeping everything simple and planning out all the decorations a few weeks before the party helped to make everything stress free.

Thanks for having me, Tiny Prints!

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Kim from NewlyWoodards is here today sharing her on-the-go office essentials when you’re out working remotely.

For seven years, I woke up every weekday and got ready for an office job. Heels, suits, the works.

When I left the corporate world last October to work from home, there were a lot of major changes that came my way. (I’m more likely to wear yoga pants over suits and heels!)

And one big change is that since I work from home, many of my meetings take place in coffee shops or restaurants. This means that I need to take my entire office with me. But that isn’t possible.

So here’s my roundup of my working on-the-go essentials. Perfect for working remotely, meeting with a client or attending a conference. This is what you will almost always find in my bag when I’m out and about.

Tiny Prints Working Essentials

(1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7)

The bag … I love this classic leather tote and have carried it almost every day for 6 years. It easily holds my laptop and work essentials. And it just as easily holds my mommy essentials (diapers and wipes, anyone?). Plus, it’s the most sturdy and well-made bag I’ve owned. It just gets better with age.

The cards … I believe in the power of a real business card, which is why I love these Blog On cards. They give me the chance to share photos of projects, and I’ve received so many compliments on the unique style.

The card holder … I always keep my business cards in a brightly colored case. Why bright? Because I was once asked for my card and I had to dig through a bag rivaling Mary Poppins. I could find lip gloss, four cookies and a box of tissues. But no business cards. So now I keep them in something that’s easy to spot in my bag.

The phone and case … I’m never without my phone, and I adore this chalkboard-style case that reminds me to focus on my dreams.

The hidden charger … Because I always have my phone, I also need something to charge the (ever dwindling) battery. This lovely little bag has a hidden smartphone charger and holds two full charges. Plus it also doubles as an adorable wristlet.

The notebook … Call me old fashioned, but there is something productive about writing down ideas and tasks on paper. I go through notebooks quickly and love that this one has a bit of personalization (and a matching look to my iPhone case).

The totally portable notebook … When I was shopping for a new computer, there was no doubt that it had to be uber portable. I love that I can keep my notebook computer with me at all times. It’s handy to have in meetings, and it’s easy to bring because it’s so lightweight.

Who needs a full office when I can pack everything I need in one bag?

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