Winding down after a summer full of fun can be difficult for kids, but fall can be just as fun and exciting if you take advantage of the season’s bounties. From crispy falling leaves to colorful pumpkins and gourds, there are a lot of unique things about fall that your entire family can enjoy. Here are our top five fall activities for kids that can keep them entertained and help them see the magic in the season.

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1.    Autumn Cork Painting

Any activity involving paint is bound to get the attention of your kids. One of our favorite fall crafts that involves paint is the autumn cork painting project. To get started, simply grab several sheets of white paper (construction paper is best), then cut the shape of a tree trunk and branches out of brown construction paper. Allow your child to glue the tree and branches to the white paper with a glue stick.

Once this step is completed, dab globs of fall-colored paint (reds, yellows, oranges and browns) onto a paint tray. Then, give your child one or more corks to dip into the paint and let him or her go crazy painting leaves on the tree with the corks.

2.    Fall Leaf Garland

Collecting leaves is a favorite fall pastime for many children, but you may be wondering what to do with those brightly-colored piles once they are all collected. Creating a fall leaf garland is a great way to keep little hands busy while also providing you with natural fall décor. When creating a leaf garland, it is best to choose leaves that are still somewhat flexible, rather than brittle and completely dried up.

Cut long strands of craft wire or string and tie one end off with a fold or knot. Gently poke holes in the leaves and thread them onto the wire or string until all of the leaves are threaded. You can hang your finished garland on your fireplace mantel, above doorways or around windows.

If you want to avoid the potential mess that can be caused by using real leaves, help your child cut fake leaves out of colorful paper instead.

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3.    Pumpkin Bowling

Have a few extra pumpkins lying around? Challenge your kids to a fun-filled game of pumpkin bowling! Prepare for this activity by choosing several small pumpkins from your pumpkin patch (they shouldn’t be larger than 6 inches in diameter).

Next, set up some children’s bowling pins or empty liter soda bottles on the floor or the lawn. You can also stack up rolls of toilet paper if you don’t have soda bottles or bowling pins. Add an extra element of fun by cutting faces out of black construction paper and taping them to the toilet paper rolls so that they look like ghosts.

Have the children stand in a line several feet away and give each one two tries to knock the “pins” over with a pumpkin. You should have several extra pumpkins nearby in case some of them break during the activity. Have a fall-themed piñata full of candy nearby and give each child a chance to hit it once when they make a strike (or for smaller children, when they knock over a single pin).

4.    Make a Scarecrow

Making a scarecrow can be delightfully fun for kids of all ages and can double as a Halloween accessory. To get started, gather up some old kids’ clothes, a straw hat, a needle and thread, a paper bag, some string and a garden rake or shovel. You can use newspaper or straw for stuffing.

Begin by roughly sewing the sleeves and pant legs together with thread. Next, draw a cute scarecrow face on the front of the paper bag. Use the newspaper or straw to loosely stuff the clothing and the paper bag head. Tie the bottom of the head off with thread or yarn. You can secure the scarecrow to the garden rake or have the scarecrow sit on a bale of hay next to your porch.

5.    Pinecone Turkeys

Pinecone turkeys are fun to make and look cute on the fireplace mantel or tabletop. All you need are some pinecones, small acorns, colored construction paper, markers and hot glue. Cut colorful feathers out of construction paper and help your child glue them to the back (plump part) of the pinecone. Glue an acorn to the front end of the pinecone to become the turkey’s head. Draw eyes on the acorn and glue a small piece of red paper to the front of the head (for the turkey’s wattle).

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These five fun and easy fall crafts and activities will help make autumn an enjoyable time of year for your kids. While the kids are having fun, get busy planning your annual halloween party with some of the cutest halloween party invitations. This holiday is one of our favorite parts of the season!

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Today on the blog, we’re welcoming Annie from Most Lovely Things and we couldn’t be more excited to have her. October may have just begun, but we couldn’t wait to start pulling out our Halloween décor, fall recipes and more! Annie is helping us get our homes (and ourselves)  into the festive Halloween spirit. Get ready for some seriously sweet inspiration.


Halloween in our New England town is pretty big deal and who doesn’t love to get into the Halloween spirit?  As a resident of our town on an “in-town” street I feel obligated (in a good way) to stay home and graciously open the door to little ones (and some not so little) dressed in costumes and excited to be walking through the streets and ringing doorbells. Tinyprints has made Halloween way more special with their beautiful custom stickers. I buy little treat bags and toss in a few pieces of candy and seal it with a sticker. We’ve met so many of our neighbors with this small gesture.


We always hope for a beautiful fall evening where we can invite friends over for cider and a cup of homemade pumpkin soup on the porch. This year we have tinyprints custom napkins! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween get-together or going to someone’s house, these napkins are perfect!



Homemade pumpkin soup is great because you can make it a few days ahead and just heat it up, as you are getting ready for Halloween. You can find the recipe here.

64A fun and easy craft is a Halloween doorstop. Perfect for Halloween night and all you need is a rock and a few small bottles of paint from the craft store. I made one in a smaller size to hold down the napkins on the front porch. After I painted each of the colors of candy corn I sprayed the rocks with clear shellac, which gives them a nice glossy finish. My kids never liked crafts, but I think something like this– they may have even enjoyed.

All in the spirit of Halloween! Have fun!

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