Today we’re sharing these super sweet little bundles of joy and their adorable fathers Noe and Corey.  These proud dads are welcoming the arrival of two little ones, which means tons of fun to be had and information to share. With friends and family waiting to hear the details on the new family members, personalization is key in any birth announcement. Including special family photos in your birth announcement will add the perfect personalization and showcase your family’s love. Congratulations Noe and Corey your babies are just beautiful.

From the Photographer…

Noe & Corey are a wonderful couple, who through the help of a surrogate now are the proud fathers to two beautiful babies, one boy and one girl. It was a pleasure to capture them in their beautiful Rose Garden home.

two babies wrapped up in blankets in a basket

two babies wrapped in blankets in a basket for birth announcement

black and white photo of dad holding baby

black and white photo of dad holding baby in living room

same sex couple holding babies on the couch

same sex couple holding babies on the couch with dog

up close of dads holding their babies on the couch

same sex couple holding each other and their babies outside in front of fence

black and white photo of same sex couples holding babies

baby girl wrapped in pink blanket asleep on the grass

up close black and white photo of babies face

Questions for the Fathers…

Why did you choose surrogacy?

  • We felt that this was the best choice for us and our family to feel the most connected to the parenting experience. We wanted the opportunity to plan the arrival of our children carefully, to experience the pregnancy process, to be there for the birth, and to start caring for them from day one as parents.

What are some of your goals as new parents?

  • Our main goal is to raise happy, healthy, balanced, passionate, and loving people who make the world a better place. We want to be the best parents we can be.

What advice would you give to couples thinking about surrogacy?

  • Go for it! Be organized, use a good agency, don’t cut corners, and spend time finding and building a great team to help you through the process and to help ensure you are successful in building your family. Choose a surrogate who will allow you to be part of the pregnancy process. It’s a very special time in your life; enjoy it.


Photographer: Mary Bea Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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We’re here today with beautiful DIY inspiration from Ursula of Kraft & Mint! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this chic Valentine’s Day vignette is perfect for adding a charming touch to your home. In her own words, Ursula takes us through her fun DIY project below:

Hello! My name is Ursula Rosien, and I’m the owner of kraft&mint. Today I’m here to share with you a fun way to create a Valentine’s Day vignette, using a leather garland craft and a photo block display.

green vignette DIY project with hearts

For Valentine’s day, I put together for the hubs an acrylic photo block with a few pictures of the kids and me. The photo block will be my gift to him for Valentine’s day which this year falls on a Sunday. He usually wakes up at an unmentionable early hour, and I thought it would be fun for him to come downstairs on V-day morning and find my gift displayed with a hearts garland on our kitchen island.


Let me show how to make this hearts leather garland using a few materials.

valentine's day vignette diy instructions



Draw a heart with a pencil on the back of the leather and cut it.


Repeat the process above until you have around ten hearts total.


Flip over one heart and draw two dots in the center of the heart 1/4 inch apart. Then using a small hole punch, make two holes.


Use a thin suede leather cord and put it through the holes in each heart.


Space out the hearts evenly and you are done!


Show off your new creation!


I am beyond excited for Valentine’s day morning and show the hubs how much his family loves him!

If you’re looking to create your own Tiny Prints acrylic photo block, visit the Tiny Prints personalized gift page here to get started on your next project. If you want to recreate Ursula’s creative project, click here to take a look at the “Heartfelt Collage” acrylic block in the rose color.

You can keep up with Kraft&Mint below:

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