Earlier this year we announced our birth announcement collection of stylish stationery designed by Pottery Barn Kids. Each birth announcement card perfectly expresses Pottery Barn Kids’ signature style and is made truly spectacular with Tiny Prints’ premium paper.

When Building Blocks by Pottery Barn Kids featured their 8 Nursery Trends for the New Year we thought it would be fun to take a few of those nursery trends and pair them with the perfect Tiny Prints birth announcement.

Pottery-Barn-CribsGet cozy with soft pale shades. Your little one’s nursery will look like it floated in from a cloud with plush whites, warm beige and light blue hues. This dreamy birth announcement is the perfect cozy match.


Pottery-Barn-CribsEmbrace all things natural. From linen bedding to sturdy wood furniture, a nursery filled with natural details is an instant classic. This blue and white striped birth announcement is the perfect classic match.


Pottery-Barn-CribsBuild the nursery in heirloom quality. Craftsman touches and antique-inspired accents give your nursery timeless style. This monogram birth announcement is the perfect timeless match.


Pottery-Barn-CribsBe transported by your nursery decor. Bring in the eclectic style of your favorite faraway destinations with a nursery inspired by prints and patterns from around the globe. This trellis style birth announcement is the perfect print and patterns match.


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