Bonding Time

There’s a baby boom happening at the Tiny Prints offices! Here’s a guest post from one of our excited mommies-to-be, Nathalie:

The reality of being pregnant didn’t really hit me until we found out the sex of our baby, which was about 17 weeks. Other than the growing belly and constant food cravings, I never really felt “pregnant” compared to the other mommies around me who experienced more pregnancy symptoms such as nausea or morning sickness. For the longest time it just felt like there was “something” in there, like a gas bubble or shifting organs, but never really a baby. As a result, I rarely bonded with the baby until recently when we found out the sex and the kicks started coming.

Here are some of the things that I’ve been trying out lately to get to know my little guy better:

Bonding with Your Baby

1. Talk to Your Baby (or Sing!)

Something I’ve been trying to do more lately now that the baby can hear a little better at 24 weeks is talk to the baby.  Walk your baby through daily routines like, “Mommy is going to work now,” or ask the baby questions like, “Baby, why are you moving so much. Did you like the apple juice I just drank?” Also, don’t forget that daddy needs some one-on-one time with the baby as well. My husband has been really great about talking to the baby, always announcing himself before he touches my belly. He even suggested reading to the baby one short story every night before bed just so the baby can get used to his voice.

2. Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal on the progress of your baby and pregnancy is a great way to process all the feelings and emotions you’ve been going through (not to mention it’s something funny to look back on later!). I’ve jotted things down like the decisions we’ve made as parents for the baby to the name selections we’ve come up with and even little things like weird food cravings or the physical changes every week.

3. Interact with Your Baby

Now that I’m about to close out my second trimester, the baby has definitely started to move quite a bit, poking around here and there.  I’ve noticed that he kicks mostly in the morning when I’m about to wake up or when I’m about to go to sleep.  When my baby does kick, I’ll poke back and say “hey, good morning!” or give my belly a little rub to let him know I’m paying attention.

Bonding with Daddy

It really has been a special time for me and my husband during this pregnancy. Not only has he come with me to all my doctor visits (especially the ones where they have to draw blood!) but he has been a constant support by taking care of household chores and setting things up in preparation for the baby’s arrival. As we prepare for the baby, we are also trying to make time for each other because we know—and have been told—that life will change entirely when the baby arrives.

Bonding with Other Mommies

Having other expectant mommies around me in the office has really helped a lot.  Conversations in the past about work, restaurants or the latest design trend has now been replaced with parenting tips, the latest baby blog find or questions about what to register for.  It’s been really great to catch up over lunch every day and hear about each other’s experiences during the pregnancy and the decisions we’ve made.

I have heard that each pregnancy is different, so if you’re expecting my advice is to definitely cherish this special time you have with your baby and the people around you. Good luck!

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