Laura Ching for President!

“Carmello Anthony Goes to Madison Square Garden.” That’s been a dominant headline in New York news this week, but the only story we’re jazzed about at Tiny Prints is “On Mondays, Look Forward to Coming In,” an interview with our very own co-founder, Laura Ching.

Since this article came out on Sunday, I wanted to write this post but the week has gotten away from me. Partly I wanted to write about the article just to see Laura blush even more for being in the spotlight, but mainly I wanted to write this to acknowledge my pride for a dear friend who is a clear MVP here at Tiny Prints.

I thought the article did a really great job of capturing the key points that I know Laura would have wanted to publicize, but also of conveying Laura’s humble style and honest personality. Laura typifies the management team here at Tiny Prints—young, learning on the job and compensating for what we lack in years of experience with a strong work ethic and commitment to learn things the first time around. She did a wonderful job touching upon both key business decisions we’ve made and the more warm and fuzzy nature of our culture—all true reflections of who we are as people and as a company.

I love that the reporter chose the Look Forward to Mondays angle. If you’ve read past posts, you’ll know that is one of our six core cultural values. It’s one of my personal favorites because it gives meaning to so much of what we want to accomplish and speaks to the other five values. What could a company do to actually have folks look forward to Mondays? Is that possible?

For myself and Laura and many others, it is possible—but not easy. There has to be a purpose, a higher purpose than simply making money, competing, etc. We have to instill a passion to win, at any cost except what would cause internal competition. We must have fun, celebrate, create friendships. We must love what we do, whether it is the creativity of the product, the challenge of the technology, the love of pleasing people. If even one more person than those I know that actually do look forward Monday came up to me and said that they genuinely don’t dread Sunday nights, I would be filled with more pride than just about anything else that we’ve accomplished as a company.

Finally, my favorite quote in the article—“As soon as I saw you, I said, ‘basketball player.'” Absolutely brilliant, considering Laura is 5 foot 2 in heels and weighs about as much her five year old son…

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  1. Geeta Sachdeva says:

    Excellent ‘Corner Cube’ post and the interview in the Times !
    Congrats !
    LC for President! Yay !

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