Why and Why Now?

CEO Ed Han proudly introduces Corner Cube, a brand new feature where he and his fellow co-founders and executives can share their thoughts on what goes on behind the scenes at Tiny Prints.

Tiny Prints was founded seven years ago. We have never told our story publicly. So why now? Why at all?

I recently heard on the radio that fewer Americans than ever believe in the American Dream—the idea that anyone can be successful in this country through hard work. I hope to convince readers that is simply not the case. I will use this blog to submit evidence from Tiny Prints that the American Dream very much is alive.

So why now? Is it because we have made it, we are at the pinnacle of our success? Not even close. For most of the past seven years, we thought almost exclusively about survival and winning at the same time. That meant furiously innovating, testing, refining. And while all that time we thought about telling our story, time seemed to have passed at the speed of light. We are still busy, but our responsibility as entrepreneurs now seems to be more than building, building, building. We must find time somehow to connect more deeply with our customers, our work family and the future entrepreneurs and keepers of the American Dream.

Tiny Prints is a story of friendship that’s turned into family. It’s a story of an undying commitment to serve our customers through innovation and creativity. Tiny Prints is a business started with $10,000 in pooled savings from three friends with a dream to create a workplace where people look forward to Mondays. From that beginning, the company has grown to 250 family members with a passion to build and without spending a single cent of outside investment.

This blog is the story of a start-up with a passion to grow quickly, profitably and by focusing on six core values. We believe that, like the way our company got started, the tiny things in life are the big things in disguise. In that belief is an idea that Tiny Prints can change the world by creating a more thoughtful one. And with a purpose like that, we have just begun our odyssey.

About Ed Han, Tiny Prints CEO

Ed is one of the founders of Tiny Prints, and our current CEO. True to what you’d expect from one of the masterminds behind Tiny Prints, Ed sincerely loves not just the fresh look and stylish design of social stationery, but the heartfelt message behind it that motivates our customers to get together, keep in touch and send little rays of sunshine to eachother’s mailboxes. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Polly, and his two beautiful children, Emily and Cooper.

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  1. geeta sachdeva says:

    i’m eagerly looking forward to( reading corner cube )mondays !

  2. Corinne says:

    Can’t wait to read future posts!!!

  3. It’s nice to see companies in business for the right reasons. I’m a firm believer in loving what you do first, and the money will follow.

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