Ever Wonder Who We Are?

I have found that companies and brands tend to take on an image that often have a “corporate” meaning. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I simply mean that it’s hard to know the people, the actual faces behind a brand. It’s similar to how, when I was growing up, I saw teachers, police officers, fire fighters not as real people who go grocery shopping, mow their yards on the weekend and deal with everything that normal people do. They were only defined by the job they did in my mind.

The purpose of Corner Cube is to pull back the covers on how our customers may think about Tiny Prints and convey who we are as people. Over the next five or six weeks, we’ll respond to hundreds of thousands of phone calls, Live Chats, emails and even the occasional customer who drops by thinking we are a physical store. So if you’ve ever wondered who we really are, I want to give you a peek into our heart and soul.

We are a family. We love to bend over backwards for our customers. We are driven to win. We LOVE food. We love to be creative. We love dressing up for Halloween.  We love technology and innovation. We are frugal. We love to celebrate.

Want to see what I mean for yourself? Take a look at a photo collage of our year that we made using the Tiny Prints Snapshot—our latest (and free) holiday newsletter service for all holiday card customers.

Leave us a comment if you’d like, and you might even hear back from a Tiny Prints staffer!

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