Now that I’ve shared our philosophy on service, I’d like to tell one of the countless stories we have from our company lore. The story occurs in the very early days of the company, when we had less than 10 or 15 people working with us. In those days, we didn’t have the telephone book-sized training manuals of all the customer cases we’ve come across. In fact, we didn’t even have people who were all that experienced yet.

On one of those early days, we got a call from a new mom. She was emotional. She had just delivered twins and had experienced the miracle of birth with one. The other was unexpectedly stillborn. She told our stationery specialist that she had emailed and called all of the stationery stores she could find, and no one had bothered to call her back to help with her request.

She wanted to send birth announcements, but it was important to her to convey to her loved ones a celebration of life and her own simultaneous sorrow over her child’s passing. But how would she word it? She didn’t know, and judging by the lack of responses from everyone she called, no one else seemed to care.

That’s when she decided to try out our unknown little internet company and spoke to our staff member, who was barely out of college at the time.

Upon hearing this mother’s story, our associate promised to return her call after doing some research. In a defeated tone, the mother said that after the treatment she’d received elsewhere, she didn’t expect to hear back at all. Moved by the mother’s story, the stationery specialist pulled aside a few of her colleagues and researched and brainstormed for hours to come up with a suggestion.

Her manager didn’t tell our staffer to go beyond for this customer. None of us even knew about the story until it was long over, but in the morning the stationery specialist called the mother back with her very best attempt at how to word the announcement.

The mother was blown away, first because we cared so much and second because the words conveyed exactly what she wanted to say. She ordered her twin birth announcements from Tiny Prints, I am positive we did not make a single cent (and likely lost a lot of money) on that order given the number of people who dedicated so much time to the project.

But did that ever matter? Absolutely not. Many things are much more important to us than mere dollars and cents.

That colleague still is with us today, and this story is one of the proudest in our heritage. We hear stories like it every day at Tiny Prints, and it makes coming to work extremely fulfilling. It feels like we really are touching lives and making a difference.

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  1. Having had twins, I cannot even imagine this scenario…I’m glad you guys took a minute to do the right thing. Your company is getting a lot of good “press” around the Internet…keep it up!

  2. Pamela says:

    Wow, I was blown away by this story. I know what it’s like to have someone go beyond expectations to do the right thing. This mother will remember your company always, and I am sure she retells this story with your company as extremely compassionate. I am glad to hear there are companies out there that are doing the right thing instead of pushing for the sale regardless.

  3. Ed says:

    Rebecca and Pamela, thank you both for your nice comments.

  4. Shea Brislin says:

    After submitting my info for my daughter’s birth announcement two years ago, I was shocked to receive an actual phone call from your company concerning the quality of the photograph I submitted. They weren’t sure it was something I would be happy with. The personal attention I received was remembered and I just ordered my second daughter’s announcements from you. My story doesn’t compare to the mother in this story, but it does prove to me that your company and its employees aren’t just out there to make a buck. You really do care and that is so rare these days. Thank you.

  5. Ed says:

    Hi Shea, I’m thrilled to hear that you experienced our personal touch firsthand and it actually made an impression such that you remember it from two years ago! Belated congrats on your daughter btw.

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