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As our business has evolved over the past seven years, we’ve made it a priority to think carefully about the customer’s needs. I discussed how we built our customer service experience around delivering the very best level of service possible in my last post, What We Mean by World-Class Service. But when we made the leap from bulk stationery to individual greeting cards, we had to reevaluate our promise to review every order with a fine-toothed comb.

It’s not that we didn’t want to help our customers make their greeting cards perfect. When we launched our greeting card line, we actually realized that our customers didn’t want us reviewing their intimate messages in birthday cards, sympathy cards and anniversary cards. These items are sent one-to-one—not purchased in quantities of 50, 75, 100 or more. So despite the idea of letting typos through (which kills all of us type-A personalities), we decided not to review greeting card orders for mistakes and misspellings.

In the end, this stayed true to our promise to make the customers’ needs our top priority. Instead of worrying about typos and etiquette, our greeting card customers are more focused on conveying their personal emotions in a heartfelt way. It simply wouldn’t be appropriate for us to read what’s sent between parents and children, between lovers, between long lost friends.

Instead, we focused our energy on building the most powerful greeting card personalization tools available online to put unique customization abilities into the hands of the customers. We let them say it their way—even if it resulted in the occasional comma splice.

By letting them express themselves, we figure we are offering our customers the very same thing we provide when we carefully proofread and perfect their stationery orders—a human touch that’s far too often missing in the world of online shopping.

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  1. M. Anderson says:

    I love your individual greeting card options and have ordered several cards. But if we’re going to talk about World Class Service…Your mail room (not sure if you use your own or if it’s outsourced)sent my card out with insufficient postage. The card was returned to Tiny Prints with a “postage due” stamp. Somebody added the correct postage and re-sent the card to me, but it took nearly three weeks before I received it! In the meantime, I emailed Tiny Prints and they sent out another card at no charge. In the end, I ended up with two cards, but Tiny Prints was never aware of the mistake – at least nobody contacted me to tell me there would be a delay!

  2. Ed says:

    Hi MeeRan, I am so sorry for this greeting card experience, it’s embarrassing to have you go through this. I understand that Steven has connected with you to explain what happened, please be assured that something like this would not happen again. We will look into how we calculate postage based on your feedback to ensure we don’t put anyone else through this. I really appreciate your feedback to help us serve our customers better.

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