We’ve talked about the importance of innovation and creative thinking here at Tiny Prints—so much so that it’s one of our six core cultural values. Since we are a web company, we’re always drawn to digital innovation, but sometimes we find that peculiar since we produce an analog product. Many people assume that analog and digital cannot coexist, but we tend to think that the right combination of analog and digital can be a more powerful outcome than either on their own.

That’s why we launched a free digital RSVP feature for all of our party invitations earlier this year, and today I’m happy to introduce you to our latest digital feature that comes just in time for the holidays—the Tiny Prints Snapshot.

Have you ever gotten a holiday card stuffed with a printed newsletter full of photos and stories from the past year? As much as ambitious authors try to squeeze as many photos and 9-point font words onto that 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, let’s face it—paper has physical boundaries. The web, on the other hand, does not.

So we developed a free web newsletter with a slideshow on beautiful backdrops that really showcase your photos and give you plenty of space to write about your year. We also added the ability for visitors to leave you comments—yet another thing paper cannot do. You can even customize your Snapshot URL and print it right on your holiday cards so your friends can view at their leisure.

“Your year-end holiday message deserves to be delivered in a special way…”

To really understand the product, check out our very own Tiny Prints Snapshot displaying some of our most fun moments from 2010.

You might be wondering if we’re concerned that people will do away with the holiday card itself and simply use the Tiny Prints Snapshot instead, but don’t worry. We’re not concerned about it.  The holiday card tradition is a beloved one, and it’s hard to put a Tiny Prints Snapshot your mantel…

Plus, other online photo albums can’t really compare. Just look at the demo we created for the Tiny Prints staffers. Your year-end holiday message deserves to be delivered in a special way, and we can’t wait to see all of the inventive ways people come up with to use our new Snapshot feature. Heck—we can’t wait to use it ourselves!

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