Have you ever posted a comment on our Facebook wall?  As of today we have 50,000 friends!  See how our Vice President of Marketing, Anna, reflects on this momentous day.

Today we crossed a milestone that is especially near and dear to my heart. Tiny Prints now has 50,000 Facebook friends, and because of that I feel like I too have 50,000 new friends. I know I’m not the only one in the company who feels that a friend of Tiny Prints is a friend of his or her own. From our COO to the folks who answer your live chats, we’ve all been spending more time on the Tiny Prints Facebook wall than our own this holiday season. Claire from our customer support department perfectly sums up our collective feelings:

“Many of us are working some pretty awesome hours these days at Tiny Prints, and one would think I’d be headed straight to bed when I get home late… but my new favorite nightly ritual is reading all these amazing comments from happy customers! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

So what has your friendship meant to us?

I won’t lie—working at Tiny Prints during the holiday season is no walk in the park. In order to process your million cards a day, our customer service and operations folks have worked 14-hour shifts, 16 days straight. Our CEO has personally read and answered every customer email you sent him (yes, he does read them and he writes back!). I made a mad dash to the post office during my lunch hour to hunt for 10,000 stamps. But when we log on to Facebook and hear about how delighted you are with the final product, it somehow makes all of our efforts seem worthwhile. In each instance that you’ve specifically mentioned someone on our team who’s made your experience exceptional, it cheers us on when we’re at the brink of exhaustion. Your generosity in your praise has reminded us that what we do matters. That we are not just churning out card after card, but helping you transform your card into a lasting impression for you and your loved ones.

At a million cards a day, mistakes do happen.  Even if it’s a tiny percentage, the numbers can feel big to us. We’ve been late on your rush orders, left out the envelopes, shipped products that wouldn’t have made us proud. While each complaint disappoints us at a very personal level, your rants on Facebook have made us feel that much more accountable. They have made problems instantly visible to everyone in the company. In a way, it has the same effect as your praises—it makes us want to try harder, with the dream that one day we can eliminate the need for any of these posts. For that, we are sincerely grateful for your feedback.

And of course, what would friends be without shared celebrations and helpful advice? Over the last two months, you’ve helped us name our new company mascot, Ollie the elephant. You’ve helped us (and each other) think through how to address families with mixed last names and religions. You shared with us pictures of your babies, puppies, families and special traditions for celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.  And you moved us with touching stories about using Tiny Prints to celebrate the holidays while remembering lost loved ones.

The holidays are a time to reflect the meaning of things, and in writing this post I’m reminded of what gets me fired up every morning to come to work.  I was a loyal Tiny Prints customer long before I started working here. Before today, when asked what I loved most about Tiny Prints, I would say our beautiful products. But today I am going to revise my answer. At the risk of sounding corny, from now on I’m going to say it’s my 50,000 friends. You are what friends are meant to be—a community of people who care enough to give us a high five when deserved, tell us the honest truth when we goof up and most importantly, remind us what is important in life.

So from one friend to another, happy holidays!  I look forward to continuing our friendship for many years to come.

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