I get this question A LOT everywhere I go – how did we come up with the name Tiny Prints for the company, and now that we’ve added an elephant as our symbol, why put the largest land roving mammal next to a name that starts with “tiny”?

The answer has a couple of parts that map out the evolution of our business. When we first started Tiny Prints, we produced mainly stationery for expecting and new moms—baby shower invitations, birth announcements, new baby thank you cards and the like. So while “prints” is a literal reference to what we sell, “tiny” had a dual meaning. It referred to the idea that we were celebrating the tiny people we adore here (babies) but the hidden meaning was based on the idea that we ourselves were a tiny company at the time in terms of everything from the number of staff members we had to the customer base, resources and other assets.

“We truly believe that the tiny things in life are actually the big things in disguise, and our name captures the essence of those tiny moments”

As we’ve grown, we’ve never forgotten the idea that the “tiny” in our name indicates that we are the underdog in a big, booming industry. That meaning continues to be relevant to us today, even though we have more people, customers and resources. It keeps our entrepreneurial spirits alive.

When Tiny Prints expanded into new occasions like weddings, birthdays and holidays, the “tiny” in our name took on a different meaning. It had to. It continued to symbolize our underdog mentality, and when earlier this year we began to develop concepts for a new symbol for our logo, the other meaning for “tiny” became much more clearly articulated.

What began as a company that celebrated babies and new life has grown up into a brand that celebrates all of the stories that define a person’s life. We truly believe that the tiny things in life are actually the big things in disguise, and our name captures the essence of those tiny moments.

The elephant symbolizes the importance of those tiny moments. He’s gentle, trustworthy and wise, a soul who never forgets and who is always there to remind us that little memories are always worth celebrating in a big way.

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  1. I am a graphic designer and marketing strategist for over 12 years and enjoyed reading about your naming and its evolution ~ it’s sweet and smart. Love the tagline “Big Impressions” ~ it says it all! Also, really love your product :)

  2. Jessy says:

    Thanks, Marinella. We really appreciate it!

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