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As a weekend crafter (that dreams of doing it daily), I couldn’t have asked for anything better than getting paid to come up with new ways to use a glue gun! When I’m not writing and managing the editorial team, you can find me dashing to the craft store at lunch, pinning away on Pinterest and inventing imaginary parties that the blog team can plan and decorate—all for our reader’s delight.
Favorite Design: Cursive Caption by Petite Alma. I love the simplicity and unexpected color combo of this design. Plus, it helps remind me to send a note for no reason other than to say hello.
Best Birthday Memory: My 13th birthday was epic (as far as 13 year old birthdays go). My parents rented two suites at a nearby hotel—one for us girls, one for them. We essentially had the ultimate slumber party for two days straight.
Favorite Post: Our DIY: Back-to-School Crayon Wreath turned out even better than we were anticipating! Plus, the behind-the-scenes photos of us trying to transport the non-glued wreath were pretty funny too.

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