Decor Delights: Divine Damask

On my recent trip to Europe, I was amazed by the opulent decor that I saw in all of the castles I visited.  No matter what country I was in, each castle had rooms that were decorated from top to bottom.  One common motif I saw on the walls was damask, which serves as my inspiration for today’s Decor Delights.

Here is a more modern version of this divine pattern that can be easily translated into any nursery:


From L to R: Damask Bedding; Damask Carpet; Damask Wall Decal; Baby Damask Birth Announcement; Damask Hat Boxes

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4 Responses

  1. Susan Ell says:

    I love that rug! It’s beautiful and I would have never thought to use a damask pattern in a nursery. It’s definitely more chic than the typical baby patterns!

  2. Anum says:

    i love damask decor, and these colors make it so sweet yet classy!

  3. I love damask! A little here and there in a nursery could be charming. It looks like my wedding invites actually: http://blog.duckduckmoosedesign.com/sustainably-printed-letterpress-birth-announcements-profound-love-letterpress/ Hard to see here, but the actual letterpressed invites had a similar pattern and the same colors.

  4. fabgab says:

    I LOVE damasks. I just re-did my bedroom using damasks as the theme. check it out at my style blog and link up to me if you like!


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