Today, we are calling this session “A baby and a bear,” and these baby photos are oh so sigh-worthy. To whoever thought it would be a cute idea¬†to put a baby in a basket with a plush teddy bear, we praise you. These baby photo ideas are some of the best yet and really make for the most memorable and candid shots. This six month baby session will have you smiling from ear to ear. We can’t handle the cuteness of little miss Loreley and her bear bear captured by the ever so talented¬†La Belle Bella Photography.

baby in basket photos with teddy bear

baby in wooden basket with teddy bear taking baby photos

baby photos in a field with a basket and teddy bear

baby photos with teddy bear

outdoor baby photos in a field

up close baby pictures with teddy bear in a basket

From the Photographer…

Loreley’s 6th Month Baby Session is the sweetest! Loreley brought her favorite teddy bear and I captured the sweetest images of Miss Loreley and her bear bear. The images glow golden in the “golden hour” and every image gets a different sweet expression. I LOVE this set!

photo looking down on baby and teddy bear in basket

adorable baby photo ideas

baby and bear photos outdoors

close up of six months sticker on teddy bear

smiling baby in wooden rocker

baby in wooden rocker outside


Photographer: La Belle Bella Photography

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