We’re here today with some wonderful inspiration to help you decorate your baby boy nursery! There are countless ways to create the perfect space for your newborn. However, the starting point for your nursery begins with a beautiful color palette. The easiest way to choose your color palette is to pull inspiration from your newborn’s very own birth announcement! Often times, the color schemes used in a birth announcement come pre-approved when you choose the right announcement to complement your baby’s photographs. Why not use your birth announcements to make your full vision come to life? We’ve chosen an adorable blue announcement since blue is quite the popular color for boys; however, you can switch up the usual routine by adding a second color along with fun and lighthearted decor!

blue and gray baby boy nursery

Photo Source: Room Décor |Custom Pillow |Canvas Storage Bins |Bear |Wall Décor

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Room Décor: Once you choose your nursery colors, you can mix and match your room décor as a creative way to make your baby boy nursery feel complete! We love the different figurines, letter blocks, and decorative shelving that are pictured above in this inspiration board. Cube bookcases also allow you to add a little bit of everything to your nursery and incorporate more colored décor.

Custom Pillow: A customized pillow with your newborn’s birth information serves as an adorable way to add some personality to your baby boy nursery. Your baby’s weight, height, and birth date, are typically the most popular questions your loved ones will ask!

Canvas Storage Bins: Try using canvas storage bins for your nursery transformation. They’re functional for all of the various items that you’ll need to store. You can find bins that fit perfectly with your color palette in order to make your color scheme even stronger. Plus, the elephant canvas print on these bins from RH adds a playful theme to your room!

Bear: The Chambray Bear in gray from RH Baby & Child will likely end up being your baby’s best friend for a very long time. You can find chic stuffed animals that accompany your nursery’s palette and treat them as an accent when decorating. We chose a gray bear for our inspiration board to match the light and refreshing blue & gray theme!

Wall Décor: Choosing wall décor for your nursery is a must. You can use photographs from your newborn’s birth announcement shoot to liven up your wall, along with cute fixtures that pop with your wall color!

Your newborns first room is a very special moment. You want your baby boy to be engaged and wide-eyed with curiosity. A nursery becomes a place of both fun and rest for your baby (and sometimes you) so it’s important to create a warm atmosphere that feels personal and unique to your growing family!

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