Capturing and sharing memories is one life’s little joys. So every month we’ll be sharing a great feature from Shutterfly’s Storytelling on inspirational ways to tell your story through words, photos, design and more.


Robin Layton became captivated with photography at the age of 15. Her passion for the craft has earned her numerous accolades including a Pultizer Prize nomination and an A-list clientele. Robin’s current pet project and future book, A Letter to My Dog explores the bond between animal and owner. The photographer offers her tips for taking pictures of man’s best friend.

Tip 1: Always be Ready
Always have your camera ready to shoot the moment that could happen at any time. You never know when your pet is going to show that personality or when that “prize” photo can happen! Most of all, have fun!

Want to see more of Robin’s tips for taking dog pictures? Check them out 

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