From the crib and wall art to the toys and mobile, there’s an endless amount of new things you’ll need to style the newest room in your home. Plan the nursery like you’d decorate any other room of the house, but make it stand out as a fun room full of inspiration and excitement for your new baby.


Photo Source: Nursery | Mobile | Pink Chair | Pillows

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Nursery: The crib will be the main focus of the room, so putting a lot of your décor efforts around that area will pay off. A gallery wall of colorful eye-catching prints draws the eye up the wall and just adds some pizazz to the room.

Mobile: Mobiles are the perfect combination of entertaining and calming for a baby, so it’s important to consider not only how it will look in the room, but how your baby will interact with it. Stars and clouds are a popular choice for soothing baby to sleep.

Pink Chair: You’ll definitely want to have seating available for you. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery! This pink woven chair is a lively alternative to a standard rocking chair and brings a lot of energy to the space. The cloud pillow is a nice touch to compliment the baby mobile too!

Pillows: Even though it’s recommended that newborns don’t have pillows in their crib, there’s nothing wrong with using a few as decoration. Much like the rest of your home, accent pillows add pops of color and make a space more comforting.

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