Looking for a little inspiration to finish those photo book projects you’ve been thinking about? Tiny Prints staff writer Michelle offers these suggestions for this week’s Things to Know!

Have you ever spotted an attractive photo book laid out on a friend’s coffee table and wondered how they could possibly find the time to complete their photo projects? Creating fun and stylish photo books can be simpler and easier than you thought—especially with these three easy strategies for photo book success!

With so many responsibilities in a day, devoting time to create a photo book is a challenge. One way to overcome this difficulty is to regularly schedule your memory keeping projects as a family activity. Many hands make light work, and both kids and adults will enjoy seeing pictures of great times spent together. Having the photo book creating event to look forward to will keep you motivated, too.

Another issue that plagues potential photo book makers is the overwhelming task of turning their huge stack of photographs into one big album all at once. Tackle this problem by breaking up the job into smaller, more manageable tasks. Perhaps focus on a single year at a time, or even just one celebration or trip per photo book. This way you will slowly but surely build a precious collection of albums while making steady progress on your picture projects.

This last bit of advice is also the easiest to accomplish: save time by going online! One of the most efficient methods of making photo books for digital family photographers is to use an online service to lay out and print the final album. Eliminate the numerous steps and expense of photo printing, buying and storing supplies and the mess of scrapbooking by uploading your images directly online and into your photo book. This method only takes minutes and will result in a gorgeous and professional final photo book on your own coffee table to share with family and friends!

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