Tomorrow marks the first official day of fall, and although it doesn’t quite feel like it just yet, that means the cool weather and vibrant sunsets of autumn are just around the corner!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I’ve gathered a few fun activities that you can do to usher in the new season in a special way.

  • All-Fall Hikes. Plan to hike the same trail each week during fall so that your little ones can see just how much the landscape changes throughout the season.
  • Fall Scavenger Hunts. Challenge your kids to find seasonal foods like squash, apples and cranberries, a leaf of every color from the neighborhood and fall flowers like Chrysanthemums or Golden Rod.
  • Visiting the Pumpkin Patch. Medium-sized, fully orange pumpkins are the best for carving. We also recommend picking your carving pattern before you go shopping so you can find the right pumpkin for your intended design.
  • Plan a Fall Feast. Get the kids in the kitchen to whip up some homemade applesauce, pumpkin cupcakes and toasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Host an Old Fashioned Cider Party. Bundle up and head out around the fire pit or cozy up next to the fireplace for a cider party full of classic games and good times.
  • Fall Crafts. Gather twigs, pine cones and leaves to make your own wild animals like these from Family Fun.

Most importantly, get outside and enjoy the beautiful sights that greet us every fall!

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