Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Did you notice that a lot of wedding trends are now being adapted to create memorable baby showers? Here’s a list of ideas that have been re-purposed resulting in elegant and sometimes elaborate gatherings.

Decide on having an all girls event or having both parents-to-be and their guests involved. This will influence what type of activities you have. With all women, having a spa themed day would be perfect. Serve fun finger foods and pomegranate juice in martini glasses.

Create a scrapbook for guests to sign-in and write notes of advice and best wishes for the parents-to-be. Kolo has gorgeous books perfect for this occasion.

Have a color theme for the event. Go by either the bride-to-be’s favorite colors or if you know the sex of their baby, use hues of blue for boys and pink for girls. Another option would be to create your own color combination. Orange is a popular color right now and can be blended with red to add excitement or cooled down with blue.

Popular at weddings, a candy buffet would be perfectly sweet for this sweet occasion. Purchase candy jars, bulk candy, candy scoopers and mini paper bags for guests to grab these tasty treats to their hearts desire. I bought my jars, silver scoopers and paper bags at a craft store and you can buy wholesale candies on line. The most popular at our wedding was the mint chocolate malt balls we served which was so good, I wished I kept some for myself!


    Match your theme with your invitations. Here’s a few popular shower invitations that would go perfectly with an orange themed wedding.

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