Today, we are thrilled to share with you this outdoors maternity session. It’s fun to include all family members plus mom-to-be(of course) in your maternity photos and when we say ALL the family members, we really mean it.

Taylor and Clint are getting excited for their little ones arrival and so is their puppy dog. Between the open Michigan fields and golden hour lighting to the front porch steps and smiles full of excitement, these gorgeous maternity photos are everything and more.

From the Photographer…

This intimate Belly session really captured the love between these soon to be parents. Taylor and Clint were waiting to find out the gender of their sweet baby. So much excitement and anticipation! We began our session at Taylor’s childhood home with their dog, who was clearly eager to meet the new baby. Then we moved on to catch the sunset just down the street in a field that glowed magically as the sun continued to set. Love and light surrounded these two on this enchanting Michigan night in July.

pregnant woman holding hands with husband and walking through field

pregnant woman holding husbands hand and walking through golden field

couple holding hands and walking through tall grass for maternity photos

man and pregnant woman almost kissing in a field with telephone pole behind them

pregnant woman in light pink dress smiling with her hands on her belly in a field

pregnant woman in light pink dress holding her stomach and looking down

man with his hands on pregnant womans belly and her hands on his

pregnant couple sitting down and taking maternity photos in a field

pregnant woman sitting in field with husband kissing cheek

pregnant woman in sun hat taking maternity photos with husband and black lab dog

pregnant woman in long green dress sitting on house sets with husband and black lab

pregnant woman in green dress with one hand resting on her pregnant belly

pregnant mom in green dress chest down with hands on belly and husbands hand on belly too

pregnant woman in floppy hat holding onto husband in field

pregnant couple looking into each others eyes

pregnant couple in golden field holding onto stomach

pregnant woman looking down at her stomach in long grass

pregnant woman lying on grass with hands resting on her tummy


Photographer: Ester Cobe Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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