Flowers, gowns, hats thrown in the air. Graduation announcements and graduation invitations. Beginnings and endings. Speeches and parties. Graduation means so many things to so many people. We polled our Facebook fans to see how they would finish a simple sentence.

In their words: Graduations always make me think of…

New adventures. – Melanie Larsen Sinouthasy


Painted cars – Lexi Storm


The future & all it’s endless possibilities! – Stefanie Simko Fracasso


Parting ways with childhood friends… – Bethany Owens


Fresh new young hope. A start of a beautiful limitless future. – Patti Palin James


Graduation always makes me think of achievement. Hard work (whether you got As or Cs) has finally paid off and you’re finished with at least ONE stage of life. – Maggie Allyn

How would you answer the question? What do graduations make you think of?

Graduation Invitations by Tiny Prints

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