These San Diego style maternity photos are sure to pull you out of your Tuesday slump. From the cactus garden, to the Spanish art village and the gorgeous sunset cliffs, these maternity shots captured by the ever-talented Great Woodland Photography,¬†show off this adorable family to-be as well as San Diego’s finest.

From the Photographer…

It was cloudy warm day in October, and the sun was occasionally peeking through. But despite our worries, the session could not have been more perfect. We shot in two of my favorite locations in San Diego, and started in Balboa Park.

We began in the Cactus Garden, and made our way to so many of my favorite spots (the rose garden, the Spanish art village, the lily pond) in the park. Then we headed to Sunset cliffs for a stunning sunset. Such a perfect back ground for a beautiful mama.


giant cactus at the cactus garden in san diego

woman in red dress and man in plaid in front of cactus taking maternity photos

black and white photo of woman holding her pregnant belly

pregnant couple looking into eachothers eyes

couple sitting on park bench taking maternity photos in san diego

couple leaning on grand columns taking maternity photos

couple neck down holding hands and baby shoes

couple kissing under archway among the bushes

couple sitting on blanket on pastel colored pavement bricks

couple looking into each others eyes

pregnant couple on blanket holding baby belly

woman on pastel colored pavement in a red dress holding her pregnant belly

man kissing pregnant woman in front of a pond

couple standing on a cliff by the oceanside

couple standing on an ocean side cliff in san diego

couple holding eachother looking out to the ocean on a cliff

close up of man holding pregnant womans belly

couple facing eachother and holding hands on a cliff

pregnant woman in red dress standing on oceanside cliff for maternity photos

woman laying in her mans lap holding her pregnant belly

close up of pregnant woman laying her head in her mans lap


Great Woodland Photography

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