My mother has been a teacher for 20 years, which means she’s amazed a lot of teacher gifts from students and their grateful parents at the end of the year. If you’ve ever wondered what gifts teachers adore, that don’t end up in her desk drawer, than read on to find great ideas for personalized teachers gifts.

  • Classroom trinkets: Any gift you give a teacher is greatly appreciated. Most don’t expect anything special, so when you send a fun desktop gift like this zen garden from Etsy, they really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into your demonstration of appreciation (plus, with 30 screaming kids in class, most teachers love a little zen in their lives!). Other great ideas include small potted plants and flowers, books for the classroom library and craft supplies.


  • Homemade treats: Everyone appreciates the hard work that goes into homemade goodies, from cookies to fudge, jams and jellies. But teachers tend to get overloaded with sugary snacks at the end of the year.  Instead of brownies, consider sending a fruit basket, restaurant gift certificate or a seed kit for a summer garden.


  • Coffee cups and ceramics: In my mother’s opinion, a teacher can never have too many coffee cups! She particularly loves the travel mugs that easily ride along with her from home to school. She also appreciates vases and other ceramic dishes she can use around the classroom. Order a personalized mug for an extra dash of charm.

Personalized Mug For a Teacher Gift

  • Personal stationery: Teachers love notepads, and use them more than most other professions. I just sent my mom these teacher thank you notes as a gift, and she absolutely adores them! They certainty helped when she wanted to say thank you for all her gifts.

Unique Personalized Teacher Stationery

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  1. Jenna says:

    Fun ideas!! My dad is a teacher as well and some of the gifts he receives are pretty odd so this blog will probably really come in handy to people!

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