Boy or Girl? That is the question. Today’s inspiration board is in honor of a new trend we’re seeing for baby showers—gender reveal parties! If you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering what exactly a gender reveal party is… not to worry, we’ll let you in on all the details. Gender reveal parties are a fun and interactive way for the parents-to-be (along with their friends and family) to find out the sex of the baby all together. Here’s how they work: The doctor gives the expecting parents a sealed envelope with the baby’s sex inside. Now, how you do the big reveal at the party is where it gets really creative! Some people have taken the envelope to a bakery and had either a pink or blue center baked into the cake. When they cut into it at the party, everyone finds out the surprise! Some people get even more inspired by the theme by having guests dress in pink or blue to wager their guess on the sex.

Today’s inspiration board was inspired by this playful baby shower invitation featuring a sweet question mark. It really plays up the anticipation of the reveal. Plus, all the colorful graphics provide tons of ideas for bright and punchy décor!

gender reveal baby shower

L to R:  Tiny Prints Charming Reveal invitation, Ultrasound Bunting, Personalized Fortune Cookie Favors, Gumball Topiary, Cake, Confetti Cupcakes

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Louie says:

    My family and I just participated in our Gender Reveal Party last Saturday for our upcoming twins. Thought you might appreciate this 3 minute video I created:


    Totally recommend for all expecting parents to try it – we had a blast, to say the least.

  2. Jessy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Mike! We love it.

  3. Sara says:

    We just had our party a couple of months ago and recently followed it up with a jungle themed shower for our upcoming baby boy! Thanks for the excellent post – it was very helpful.

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