There are countless ways to announce to the world that you’re expecting a little one. Some run from the basic blurting it out method while other couples go for slightly more elaborate ruses.

We asked our Facebook fans how they broke the big news. Their imaginative responses are sure to bring a smile to your face! Here are just a few:

Our daughter was only 6 months old and we got a onesie for her that said “oops they did it again… I’m going to be a big sister!” we put it on under her Xmas dress and asked different people to change her diaper! Everyone was shocked! ~ Anne Weiss Parrott


On our Christmas card. We had several pictures with captions from our activities throughout the year, and the last was a 3-d ultrasound picture with a due date. Huge surprise for over 100 families! ~ Analisa Marki-Dunn


Mad Gab Game, we made up our own card… Bet keys pray gnat wiff two wins! (Becky’s pregnant with twins!) Didn’t take too long for people to figure it out:) ~ Becky Paul-Hacker


It was halloween and I wore a chinese dress and I handed out chinese boxes with fortune cookies that said you will become an aunt in june, you will have another grand baby in june etc….. Everyone loved it and was totally shocked. ~ Jade Gartee


The first pregnancy we delivered cinnamon rolls to our families homes with a note saying, “You may like these but you’re going to love the little bun in our oven!” So exciting to see them think it out. ~ Calla Stone

How did you announce your pregnancy? You tell us!

Big Sister T-shirt Announcement

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  1. Mary says:

    Here’s a neat idea..that I think would be a real hoot… now that it is getting close to October…
    If you happen to be going to a Halloween party,
    For a costume, have the mom-to-be wear a box decorated to look like an oven with the door right about the mom-to-be’s belly. Put a picture of a bun on the belly area and then set the timer on the stove to the due date!

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