An adorable ladybug theme that might seem appropriate for a child’s birthday party can easily be modified for a sweet and chic baby shower. Rather than decorating your whole event in red and black, use light blue and white as your main colors, with touches of red. Daisies are simple and casual so you can use them throughout the event without looking overwhelming. Finally, incorporate the ladybug theme through whimsical accents, such as creatively decorated food items and favors.

L to R:  Tiny Prints Lucky Lady Bugs invitation, Daisy Centerpiece, Ladybug truffles, Blue table decor, Lemonade, Ladybug Magnet favors, Ladybug Cookies, Dessert cups, Daisy Favor Boxes

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  1. Super cute selections! Thank you for including the lemonade and iced tea table created by Daisies & Pearls.

  2. Anum says:

    Thanks Sarah! We love the decor ideas at Daisies & Pearls. =)

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