Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Most baby shower honorees create a gift registry to help guide you as you shop for the perfect present, but if you are looking for something unique (or for some gift registry ideas of your own!), here are our top picks for baby shower gifts for stylish new parents.

Stylish Baby Shower Gifts

My top baby shower gift at the moment is a super chic diaper bag. Don’t leave your favorite mom-to-be stuck with some pink plastic diaper bag she’ll be embarrassed to lug around! OiOi offers a variety of stylish designs that look more like designer handbags than baby wipe storage, including this little number. They might be pricey, but a luxe diaper bag is the perfect gift for a new mom who won’t splurge on one for herself.

OiOi Diaper Bag

Classic Baby Shower Gifts

One priceless gem I learned from my mom over her years of attending baby showers is to give classic baby books as gifts. Pat the Bunny is her all-time favorite, and can also easily serve as the inspiration for a sweet little gift basket as well:

Baby Shower Gifts - Pat the Bunny

Charms are another timeless type of gift that every new parent will adore. Babyzone has a variety of sweet ideas in this slideshow about Sweet New-Mom Gifts Under $40.

Entertainment Gifts

While new parents are planning for their little one’s arrival, there are some things they can’t plan for—like a social life. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give new moms and dads alike is a little bit of entertainment to help them keep their sanity after the new baby arrives. Sign them up for Netflix, buy them a DVR or pre-pay for a few meals from Waiters on Wheels. They’re sure to appreciate it!

Baby Geniuses Movie

Baby Shower Gifts for a Mini-Athlete

I really like the idea of  tailoring your baby shower gift to suit the style of the family you are honoring.  To this end,  BabyChix offers a selection of fun “BabyJox” products that you can use to personalize your gifts in a fun way. Does the family already have a mini-NLF jersey laid out for their new baby? Get them a personalized BabyJox football. If they are tennis fanatics, they sell tennis gear too!

BabyJox Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

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  1. mkjunebug says:

    I love the diaper bag write up! As a new mom and founder of a boutique gift site for women, Yellow Threads, I find that often times it is nice to gift the mom something she will enjoy, as most people will give her gifts for the baby. One of our favorites at is the baby brag book: http://yellowthreads.com/_product_30527/Pink_Baby_Brag_Book

  2. rein says:

    i really like the diaper bag. it looks so stylish. doesn’t even seem like a diaper bag!

  3. i cant say anything its really so nice….i love this diaper bag…so cool and so stylish

  4. Erica says:

    I love these ideas! Everyone loves baby athletes! Since a lot of my friends have been having babies, it is always hard to find good ideas. I have also relied on funny baby tshirts…you can personalize them too! Here is one of my favorites http://www.zazzle.com/funny_milk_baby_t_shirt-235450016934463644

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