Today we have a special guest blogger sharing her thoughts on why stationery is important. Introducing Valerie Hoffman; Speaker, Momepreneur, and blogger at Project Mommy

Much of my social life, my communications career and marketing business thrive because of social media. Without it, I am not sure where I would be. However, when it comes to announcing something really important (like the birth of a little one) I still choose to take the time to create a custom birth announcement to send via trusty snail mail. Why? Call me old fashion, but I think there are many who will agree, there are certain times in life that deserve more than just an email, tweet or “status update”.

Here are my three reasons to share the REALLY important things in life through paper.

  1. Mailbox v. Inbox
  2. Everyone emails these days – our inboxes are overflowing with message, discount offers and daily deals. Mailboxes aren’t much better, but when you open it to find a colorful envelope with actual handwriting…that’s something special.

  3. There is no Share button…
  4. That announcement, thank you, invitation, etc. that you send is meant just for the person it was sent to, they can’t just click a “share” button like they would for a coupon code. It is a communication directly from you to them, not a “status update” for the everyone to see. When you send a beautiful invitation, it’s sort of like a piece of art. The print quality and paper are generally much better than the standard home office printers and paper that most people have, so it’s something they don’t have the ability to easily recreate, making it sort of “rare” if you will.

  5. To have and to hold…
  6. The events that you announce (weddings, births, baptisms, birthdays) only come once a lifetime, are things worth remembering and that people want to remember. So it makes sense to give them something that they can hold onto, put into a scrapbook, frame or display in a place of honor on the fridge.

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