A Popular Birthday Week

On Sunday, October 3rd, two of my nieces will celebrate their birthday. One will turn four while her sister turns nine. The day after, October 4th,  my sister, their aunt, will also celebrate her birthday. She’s not turning nine, but she might not like it if I tell everyone how old she is.

We’ve always thought it was a fluke that all their birthdays fell so close to each other, an fluke that allowed for a lot of birthday cake! As it turns out, however, according to a database query run by 1800-Flowers, October 5th is the most popular birthday in America, so it stands to reason that the days right around it would also be popular birthdays.

In fact, odds are you know a person or two celebrating this week too!

I live too far from any of the birthday girls to deliver in person birthday hugs and kisses, but I can send a cute birthday cards and gifts. Then I’ll look around for a local birthday girl to hug. I’m sure I won’t have to look too far to find one, even without getting up I can see two “Happy Birthday” balloon bouquets in the office. I’m sure next week will bring many more.

Birthday Card by Tiny Prints

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  1. Kristy says:

    Funny, I am due to have a baby on October 5th, but I am definitely hoping for it to happen this weekend instead! Didn’t realize I was so trendy. 🙂

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