As a busy mom to two kids, I find it challenging to keep up with my family and close friend’s birthdays, let alone the birthdays of all the other people I encounter on a daily basis. School friends, preschool mom friends, work friends, casual acquaintances…most of those would go unnoticed if it weren’t for Facebook.

That’s where I get a little pop up message reminder on the person’s actual birthday, even though it’s already too late to do anything about sending a birthday card. Call me old fashioned, but a hastily written note on someone’s “wall” just doesn’t have the same feel as a real card delivered with the mail.

Today, however, I got a notification about one of my Facebook friend’s birthday that wasn’t too late to act on. It came from my Tiny Prints calendar. I don’t know the person in real life, but Tiny Prints allowed me to import my Facebook contacts into my Tiny Prints calendar, meaning that I can now send cards to those I chose to send them to. I’m sure they won’t mind having one less virtual message and one more pretty one to display on their fridge.

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