I always plan our birthday parties so that they start right after nap time and end a bit before dinner time starts to loom. The parties are short and sweet and I don’t have to worry about countless food allergies, picking kid friendly foods that are both somewhat healthy and parent approved, feeding the parents, and not breaking the bank in the process. We always serve cake and fruit and I’ve never heard that anyone feels slighted.

I think my birthday party planning is so brilliant that until recently I could can never figure out why most people insist on including at least one main meal in their events. Then a friend confided in me that she does so because she’s convinced people expect it and will feel cheated if she doesn’t serve a full meal. It surprised me.

As long as the birthday party invitation clearly states what will or won’t be served at the event, party attendees will be able to plan both their expectations and their meals accordingly. Some might be sad to be forgoing the traditional pizza, but for the most part, few will even notice the missing meal.

Bouncing Balls Birthday Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

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