My second daughter was born a mere week after I turned 31, dooming us to a lifetime of sharing family birthday parties. For the most part I don’t mind; I’m somewhat done with celebrating my birthday with a bang and it’s fun to share the celebration with someone who still gets a kick out of blowing out candles.

This year, however, I’m turning 35 and it feels somewhat momentous.

As I sat in the car the other day, mentally planning my big “adults only” evening bash, my cute little almost-four-year-old pipped up and asked me if I wanted to share her party.

How could I say no? For the first time since she turned one, my baby is getting to have a big party with all her friends and she wants to share that with me. It’s an honor really.

So I’m putting aside plans for margaritas and fancy pastry based cakes. Luckily for me, most of her friend’s parents are my friends, so at least there isn’t much compromise on the guest-list. As for the theme of the party? Well, what 35-year-old doesn’t want a pool party?

Swimming Pool Party invitation by Tiny Prints

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