Summer Birthdays at School

As a person born late in July I never had the opportunity to enjoy a classroom birthday, that fun day when students get to wear a cute little birthday crown, be the special person of the day, and get to share cupcakes (or other approved treats) with their classmates.

When I realized that my youngest child was due early in August I was sad that she too would never get to experience her day at school. Lucky for us, teachers now are a tiny bit more in tune with the fairness issue. Today, my baby, along with the 6 other “summer birthday” kids in the class, will be getting a big birthday bash.

We 7 moms have pitched in some money and some energy to make sure that this shared day is as special and fun as their individual days would have been otherwise. Instead of cupcakes we’re bringing in ice cream and treats for decorating sundaes. One mom is bringing festive table cloths. Another is supplying adorable party favors — sand shovels and pails, ideal for our summer theme.

It won’t be a day all to my daughter, but at the very least, when her real birthday rolls around at the end of July she won’t be sad that she never got to hear her classmates sing her a happy birthday.

Ice Cream Fun Birthday Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

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  1. Susan Ella says:

    I also have a July birthday and remember celebrating it early so that I could share the day with my classmates. My 2nd is due in early August and it will be the same thing for him…thanks for the great ideas!

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