The Bittersweet First Birthday

Remind a new mom that her baby’s first birthday is coming up and you’re bound to get one of two reactions. Either she’s going block her ears and wail that she doesn’t want to hear it or she’s going to gush about all the planning that she’s been doing.

No matter the reaction, the first birthday doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s the culmination, as bittersweet as it might be, of that all important first year. On the plus side it’s proof that you’ve survived the hardest year of all. On the downside it’s proof that your infant is no longer an infant.

My oldest daughter cried her way through her fancy first birthday party. My youngest laughed her way through her low-key backyard, pizza and cupcakes first birthday party. I felt equally sad and excited about both.

Sad because I had to say goodbye to the cuddly infant stage. Excited because it was the start of a really fun new one – the “baby gets to eat fun food” stage. Fittingly we started with cupcakes.  I just wish we’d had the matching first birthday party invitation at the time!

Baby and First Cupcake

Tiny Prints First Birthday Invitation Crazy Cupcakes

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  1. Vena says:

    just hosted the Favorite Youngest Fancy First. He was mysteriously ill this day. Literally came on him hours before the party. He did not have the greatest time. Alas, the Favorite 6 year old enjoyed his party with her buddies on his behalf. Ironically she had a very low key First at our home, so maybe this was a make up party for her? 🙂

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