We recently had a fabulous time helping all of the bloggers headed to BlogHer this year to make their own customized business cards. Many of them asked what essential information should be included on their business cards along with all of the unique ways to customize them, so we created this mini-checklist for all of you bloggers looking to create your own unique business cards for the next big conference.

Business Card - Fresh Logo

Essential Information

  • Your name
  • Blog name and website address
  • Email address
  • Twitter handle

Additional Information

Some bloggers also chose to include the following information on their business cards:

  • Other blogs and/or blogs you contribute to
  • Other Twitter handles
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your title at the blog (i.e. Founder, Editor, Contributor)
  • A personal photo
  • Your city and state

Customization Options

Tiny Prints is all about customization, and business cards are no different. Here are some of the ways you can add a special touch to yours. All of these designs are available in our gorgeous business card collection.

  • Photo business cards
  • Logo business cards
  • Folded business cards
  • Square business cards
  • Design Accents: These unique designs let you customize the look of your cards by switching out the icons to your liking!

Business Card - Swirly Frame

Business Card - Timeless Floral

Business Card - Classic Writer

To see some examples of how the bloggers customized their cards, check out our reviews on From Cribs to Car Keys and Classy Chaos. And don’t forget to plan ahead for your Type-A-Mom Conference business cards (it’s coming up on September 24–26!).

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