The Story of the Asterisk in the Tiny Prints logo:
During the early days of printing, feudal print makers used an asterisk as a symbol to indicate a person’s date of birth on his or her family tree. Since then, it’s been used to represent everything from a special note in a text to the sweet little kiss of a computer emoticon. Because the asterisk is always used to denote something special, whether it’s the day a person joined the family tree or an online kiss shared between friends, the founders of Tiny Prints placed the asterisk at the heart of our logo as a constant reminder of all the ways we help people to celebrate life’s special moments in style.


Enter to Win Our Asterisks Everywhere! Contest
Since the asterisk is so central to the Tiny Prints family, we invite all of our Flickr group members to spot the asterisk in their everyday lives and snap a photo of it to share. You could see the shape of the asterisk in a cluster of leaves, printed in a newspaper or scrawled on a wall in graffiti, but wherever you spot it be sure to take a photo and post it to our Flickr group. We’ll select our favorite photos after June 22nd and send our top contestants one of these fabulous prizes:

-First Prize: Flip UltraHD Video Camera plus 100 FREE Photo Greeting Cards!
-Second Prize: 50 FREE Photo Greeting Cards
-Third Prize: 25 FREE Photo Greeting Cards


Contest concludes June 22nd, 2009 so start submitting your entries today by simply adding your photo to the Tiny Prints group on Flickr!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Thank you for the contest. I am so happy I won, as there were so many good submissions! I had a blast, and I can’t wait to receive my prize and order my photo greeting cards from Tiny Prints!

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