Are you planning a baby shower, but not sure where to start?  If this is the case, you may find that having a team can help keep you organized and focused.  If you are looking for the perfect shower ideas, here are a few themes that can help get you started:

Bring-a-book Baby Shower
Ask guests to each bring their favorite children’s book or book with a special theme (i.e. fairy tales).  This is a great way to build up the guest of honors children’s book library!

Bed Time Stories Shower Invitation

Bed Time Stories Shower Invitation

Layette Baby Shower
At this baby shower, guests are asked to bring an article of clothing from a layette for the baby.  Then, rather than wrapping the gift in a box, they can hang it on a clotheslines spread across the room.

Onesies Galore Baby Shower Invitation

Tea Party Fit For Mom

If you’re a regular Tiny Prints reader, than you may have noticed that we are big fans of the tea party theme.  This low key and elegant affair is the perfect opportunity for guests to shower the mom with gifts over polite conversation and tea & crumpets!

Baby Tea Shower Invitation

Nesting Baby Shower

A bird themed baby shower is a sweet way to welcome this new bundle of joy.  The hostess can encourage guests to bring gifts that encourage “nesting” and the decor can include sweet touches of birds throughout.

Twin’s Nest Baby Shower Invitation

Happy Planning!

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