Petite Alma

Petite Alma

Nothing excites us more than to collaborate with the industry’s top artists to bring you curated collections you can’t find anywhere else. We couldn’t announce, celebrate and invite in style without them.

Kirby Woodson of Petite Alma stationery was one of our very first designers. We love her signature style—understated elegance mixed with a dose of playfulness—which is easy to spot in her 2013 holiday collection. When we sat down to discuss it, she said, “We played with all types of typography, combining lettering and holiday sentiments in fun ways that we hope give every family a chance to express their unique character and style.”

Petite Alma was the name of a four-year-old model Kirby worked with in Paris when she was still designing children’s clothing. She discovered a love of stationery when her boss asked her to design a card for the store checkout counter. From then on, Petite Alma stationery took off with the belief that the smallest things make the biggest impact. Kirby’s designs are a reflection of that sentiment, with fun handwriting, beautifully imperfect illustrations and hints of Parisian style.

Petite Alma Holiday Card

This year’s collection has a design for every family, from gold and glittering to classic with a twist. Those who are looking to really stand out in the stack will love her cutting-edge clear cards and foil-stamped design, Scintillating Snowfall.

Want to see more from Petite Alma? Check out the holiday card collection here.

Stationery featured in this post:
Glitzy Greeting Holiday Photo Card
Swell Swirls Holiday Photo Card
Sparkling Bursts Holiday Party Invite

Petite Alma Holiday Cards

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