Birth Announcements

The Spring season makes me think of the birth of new ideas, flowers, and of course babies! With the majority of my friends with toddler in hand or in midst of their pregnancy, babies have been on my mind lately.

For those of you with babies on your mind, whether you are pregnant or just had a baby, have you thought of sending a birth announcement? My friends who are still early in their pregnancy are already anxiously thinking about what types of baby announcements they are going to send. Because friends and family may not live in the same area, having a chance to let everyone see a picture of the new baby is really exciting! It’s great receiving them and everyone loves being able to post pictures of the little one on their fridge or keep them as a keepsake in their photo album. You can choose different colors and in a wide range of styles. I chose these photo cards because they are playful, fun, and free, perfect for those Spring babies.



Sweet Leaves: Green


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