Bundle of Joy

By guest blogger Geeta Sachdeva

Are you looking for the right way to let everyone know the BIG news about your little one? What better way to capture the wonder of new life and leave a long-lasting impression on your friends and family, than through beautifully designed baby stationery!

Birth announcements as well as invitations to the rites and celebrations associated with the arrival of your baby can convey the richness of the occasion and become priceless family treasures. For example, when the rite of passage is religious, such as baptism or christening, the spiritual nature of the event may dictate the choice of design. An elegant cross symbol or a verse from Bible forms a noble backdrop.

The use of photographs is also very popular. While a colored picture makes a powerful statement, black and white or sepia-toned photos imbue a timeless quality. The options are endless-classic and sophisticated, cute and playful or modern and hip, why not have fun with whatever you choose?

Monograms, initials and an imprint of a newborn’s feet are all excellent ways to create a unique look and add a personal touch. Another great idea would be to make your birth announcements consistent with an upcoming holiday theme. And with Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, how about sending this festive birth announcement?


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