Chic Photo Stationery

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should checkout our Tiny Prints Flickr group for some really beautiful ideas for chic photo stationery. I love all of the artistic designs that our members have posted. I also really like having the option to create sleek and stylish stationery that isn’t overly cutesy. Some of these designs really let your photos shine in a striking and understated way.

A photographer friend of mine recently sent me these adorable photos of a little Southern California beach babe to use as an example. Don’t they look amazing? I want to frame them! What a great way for a proud parent to show off baby pictures without frills or fluff. Create your own examples and upload them to our Flickr group to show off your family’s artistic style.

And, if you are in Southern California and looking for a fab photographer, you can find Kate’s contact info here.

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3 Responses

  1. Lea says:

    i love those pics! that baby is so precious & the thank you note is really awesome

  2. Luke says:

    Tiny Prints.. they have the best photo stationery.

  3. Jenna says:

    This is the cutest thing ever! I love it!

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