When you’re looking to change up the style of your home, sometimes all it takes is a few easy updates. Read on for our favorite ways to give your home a mini makeover.

The Office – Uncluttering your desk and stocking up on time-saving stationery can do wonders and breathe new life into your office.

Dry Erase Easel Calendar

There’s nothing more chic than staying organized. This dry erase easel calendar is our new favorite way to keep the week’s events in order—the dry erase surface makes it super easy to update when plans change.

Personalized To Do List

Make your to-do list look great with handy personal notepads. Keep them all around the house so you’re never without when an idea strikes.

Contact Cards

Updating your contact cards to a chic design can make a lasting impression when it comes to new prospects and colleagues.

Self Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps are not only time-savers, but a great way for you to put your personal stamp on your correspondence.

The Living Room – Taking your favorite photos out of the photo album and placing them around your living room can instantly make your house feel more like a home.

Custom Canvas

Personalizing custom canvases and easel art is a fun way to get the family involved in the home makeover. Have them help you pick out photos and sayings to put on your wall décor. That way, everyone feels like a piece of them is represented in the house.

Easel Art

So, tell us—are you looking forward to transforming your home with these tips?

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