Are you hosting a birthday celebration for a friend or loved one? Then let a few of these chic birthday party invitations inspire you during the planning process.

Surprise Shindig– Even though the concept isn’t incredibly original, surprise parties still never get old. The thing that will keep your sneaky celebration fresh and fun is creative planning and some serious stealth on your part as well. But before you shout ‘Surprise!’ let the sleek and modern design of this invite influence the look and feel of your fabulous fete.

Surprise Shindy

Parisian Party– Have a family member who is a complete Francophile? This invitation features sophisticated fonts and marvelous French monuments that will pair perfectly with any Parisian themed party.

Parisian Party

Then and Now– Let this nostalgic invite inspire you to take guests for a stroll down memory lane by incorporating past and present photos of the birthday guy or gal into the decor.

Nostalgic Frame

And if you’re searching for some creative gift ideas, be sure to check out our captivating collection of customizable iPhone cases and coffee mugs.

Cheerful Points iPhone Case

Cheerful Points

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