Get Your Move On

Did you know that May is officially National Moving Month!? Did you also know that some statistics state that the average American moves about 11 times over a lifetime. Well, I believe it. I personally have packed my life into dozens of boxes, hauled them around the country, and redecorated a new apartment 9 different times in the past 8 years. I am exhausting just writing about it!3262_front.jpg

I hate moving – it is the one task in life that literally calls for “blood, sweat, and tears.” In addition to that comes the hassle of sharing a new address (once again) with friends and family. For most of us a mass e-mail will seem an easy solution to the problem – however, a moving announcement sent via snail mail will make anyone’s friends impressed with how organized and put together they are!

If you’re moving this month, check out our new line of moving announcements .

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  1. Marla Coy says:

    Hi! I <3 this headboard!!! Does the lady who did this have a blog? I would love to find out what she painted this on. It kinda looks like fabric. Plus, I would love to get some tips from her, on how she did it.
    Thanks so much!!!

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