Maybe they come from near. Or maybe they come from far. No matter how often you see your loved ones, Thanksgiving is about being together and giving thanks for the special moments that mean the most to you. So, this Thanksgiving, we think it’s time for a new family tradition—forget the big sales and stay in to take your holiday card photo as a family.


We can see the photo now…everyone gathered around the Thanksgiving table laughing at Grandpa’s joke. Or maybe it’s all of you outside, starting to decorate the house for Christmas. And we love the idea of taking old family photos and reenacting them with the new generation. Already have a few photos from earlier in the year? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to sit down with the family and choose your favorite together. It’s all about choosing a photo that expresses your family’s personal style and most of all, creating memories that last long after the turkey is gone.

Since the holiday is all about sharing, we’d love to see your holiday card photos! Share your photos on Instagram and Twitter and tag with #TinyPrintsFamily.

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