Great Gift Idea

Mother’s Day is creeping up upon us. For all you late shoppers out there, here’s another idea for a late mom gift, a graduation present or a thoughtful birthday gift to give anyone you know.

One year for Christmas my mentor and boss at the time gave me one of the most precious and useful gifts I’ve ever received. She gave me a box of beautiful stationery personalized with my name on it. To this day, I still enjoy using it. I loved sending friends, family and acquaintances brief notes of appreciation on those cool, personal cards.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do the same for the people in your life? If you know someone who’s graduating, has a birthday coming up or for your mom who always sends personal thank you notes, send them these. With a variety of designs to suit their personality and personalized with their name, it’s sure to make them feel special too.



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