Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, we are carpooling to work, walking to lunch and locking away all paper plates and plastic cutlery to encourage our coworkers to bring their own plates, cups and silverware from home. How will you be paying homage to Mother Earth today?


For more fun ways to celebrate, check out Yahoo!’s list of cool Earth Day deals that includes everything from haircuts to apparel, bedding, water bottles, Christmas lights and more!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this post. I’m getting a lot of good ideas on how to decorate my baby girl’s room from your web site. I’m leaning towards buying a pink and brown baby bedding nursery set. My due date is February 23rd, so there’s still a little time for me to decide. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Google Bookmarks?

  2. wow this is all I needed for my eco day at school

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