Now that spring has sprung and beautiful weather is inching its way closer, there’s no better time to plan some fun outdoor festivities for your family! Whether it’s a small  family gardening session or a big outdoor extravaganza, you can plan a sweet spring garden party that everyone is sure to love.

Style: Springtime casual

Décor: The beauty of nature! Add a few strings of white lights, colored lanterns or an outdoor tent for an extra touch of posh style.

Family Friendly Activities: Decorate terracotta pots; plant flowers; paint with watercolors; host a garden tea party; make fuzzy caterpillars and other garden insects out of pipe cleaners and craft materials; learn about flowers, butterflies and all the magic that takes place in the garden!

Treats: Crushed Oreo “potting soil,” chocolate pudding and gummy worms; fresh lemonade; sun tea; summer fruits




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