Are you preparing for an upcoming shower? No, no—put those umbrellas away, we don’t mean that kind of shower. Plus, it’s nearly summer and there’s absolutely no cloud in sight! We’re talking about a sun-drenched backyard baby shower. But before you and all those lovely ladies begin relaxing by the pool and soaking up that sunny weather, be sure to send out brilliant baby shower invitations that reflect this chic outdoor affair. And if you’re afraid that the heat is going to dry out your fabulous fete, you can keep this fun in the sun celebration bustling and lively by incorporating a few unique baby shower games into the event as well.

Here are a few of our favorite eye-catching invitations that will perfectly suit any beautiful backyard baby shower!

Bee Bright Baby Shower Invitations

Heartfelt Poster Baby Shower Invitatins

Simply Precious Baby Shower Invitations

Shower Blossoms Baby Shower Invitations

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